I have tried to maintain a dignified silence and allow this matter to be dealt with properly by the courts but after hearing some disgusting and untrue rumours about myself I’m afraid I do feel forced to set the record straight on some key facts.

Firstly, having cared for my mentally and physically disabled father since July 2012 I know first-hand the pressure and difficulties a disability can bring on a family and would therefore NEVER use that against ANYONE in a negative or abusive way.  To suggest I have said anything of this nature to provoke a response is completely false, hurtful and defamatory.

Secondly, it was not my choice to press charges against the accused so to suggest I have pursued this for fame or for any other agenda other than justice is also completely false.

I’m pleased that I have once again been vindicated from these accusations and, for the second time, hope that we can now finally put this all behind us.

It is a huge relief that this difficult and stressful period is now over and I am looking forward to moving forward positively.  I’d like to thank my close family and friends for their continued and resilient love, support and loyalty.