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 "Smile through the bullshit"  #AlexanderMcQueen  "Rise above the haters" #WeirdWorks - thank you Alexander McQueen for this amazing look   The sun is shining  @lindsaylohan  5 years STRONG, nothing fake, nothing scripted!! Best Friends on and off screen nothing can change that. I'll have your back like you have mine...for life  it's that simple @laurenpopey   homies @harveynh @mileslangford  Shake it like a Polaroid picture @lindsaylohan  Goodnight ❤️  In some way fashion helps us to show who we are and express our personality visually. You don't have to understand or enjoy the fashion choices of others, but you should appreciate that not everyone is the same. Let people be.. #DareToBeDifferent #BeYou    #ThrowbackThursday ❤️my girls @elenaora & @ritaora #LIVING  #ThrowbackThursday New York with @chloegreen5 ❤️  #AttitudeMagazine #Hot100 with @neon_amira  rocking my #JoyRich Bart Trackie  Spot Bart  @laurenpopey  Model Behaviour part 2 @harveynh  Close up   You are more a sister then a friend and I'll love you forever! @djsarahjane so glad to be celebrating another fabulous year with you! Happy birthday Sarah, I'm so excited for the world to see your beauty and talent!  Cheeeese  @gracieandrews_x @lydiabright  A Team  Model Behavior @christian_arno  #DukesPolo today with @laurenpopey rocking @elevate_ldn ❤️  #DukesPolo with @laurenpopey  Turn up last night with @kidinkbatgang and @asiiah  you were missed @emilyrosetv but I'm coming to find u real soon xx   @lewisbloor1   @archnasawjani a rare captured moment  The show is over and now we can eat #vasandlaurenunzipped @lewisbloor1 @laurenpopey @regangascoigne @alexruimy26  The show went incredibly well so proud #VasAndLaurenUnzipped wearing my all white @elevate_ldn look x  Sqaud @chloegreen5 @djsarahjane  "All I see is signs, all I see is $ signs"  hard day at work with @laurenpopey planning our runway show #VasAndLaurenUnzipped #Fashion
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